Easter Extravaganza

Good old fashioned, wholesome fun is the agenda for Easter Sunday. Young and old alike, each year look forward to the festivities planned by TFY. Hundreds of youth line the fences around McGee Field, trying to get a good peek in order to have a head start to get to the goodies. The youth are divided into several age groups so as to keep the festivities safe, even for the little ones. Toddlers through age twelve are the recipients for this activity. Over 5000 pieces of candy, 3000 eggs and hundreds of toys and prizes are lurking below the shadows of the grass. While some are waiting in line for a few minutes inside the Space walk, others are signing up for the egg toss, the three legged race, the potato sack race and many other games that are scheduled to entertain the youth for the evening. Those that maintained high grade point averages receive special prizes and awards as recognition of their achievements. Our all volunteer staff and sponsors diligently work at preparing popcorn, cotton candy, burgers, dogs and barbecue for everyone, even the Easter Bunny, who is scheduled for photos throughout the evening.


Selma, Alabama Trip

  Our out of state excursion is a chilly reminder to the youth of the events that occurred at the Civil Rights Protest, “Bloody Sunday”, in Selma, Alabama in 1965. Forty youth, ages 12-16 are given the opportunity to experience what it was like to be one of thousands of demonstrators in the march from Selma to Montgomery that crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The purpose of this activity is to provide the youth with the opportunity to re-enact and better understand the long, bitter process that unfolded the enforcement of the rights for African-Americans to vote. TFY provides transportation, food, snacks, and overnight hotel.


Movie on the Lawn

A larger than life (25×25) projection screen travels to several low income neighborhoods and public housing complexes (twenty within the Escambia County area) to show “PG” and “G” rated movies to youth and their families. Food, candy, and popcorn are all provided by TFY. The purpose of this activity is to provide entertainment to those who are not able to afford it, to promote diversity and peaceful interaction, as well as give the youth constructive activities during the summer months.


Triple Treat

As most youth celebrate Halloween by trick or treating, TFY has a Christian approach for All Hollow’s Eve celebration. Even though we don not encourage costume participation, we do suggest portrayal of biblical characters or positive role models if the youth desire to dress up. Our primary purpose for this activity is to provide a safe, enjoyable, festive environment for our youth to celebrate. TFY provides toys, games, prizes and several “G” and “PG” movies to enjoy. Food and beverages are provided for all that attend, young and old alike. The objective of this activity is to encourage peaceful interaction, diversity, and close family relations.